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Bird's Brandy

Written by  Sue Oxborrow
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Lantana rugosa

This wild flower should not be confused with Lantana camara, which is a dangerous invader plant, and has been declared a Category 1 invader weed in South Africa.

The Lantana rugosa is harmless, much smaller, with few small light purple flowers and light purple fruits. It has a wide distribution in our region, but prefers shady areas and rocky ridges on the slopes of the Magaliesberg. Look for an untidy multi-branched shrub that has rough hairs covering the branches and leaves.

The fruits are clusters of small berries, fleshy and purple in colour. It will grow to a height of about 1 metre.

The summer flowering brings small mauve flowers. It is known as Bird's Brandy because the berries are a favourite with birds. This herb is aromatic - sniff the leaves and you will be reminded of verbena.

Please visit the Operation Wildflower web site for further information.


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Many thanks to Sue Oxborrow for preparing the most interesting information.

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