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Written by  Sue Oxborrow
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Wilde-als grows wild in the Magaliesberg region. Look for it when you next take a walk in the country. The plant grows in almost any type of soil and is hardy and drought resistant.

Look for greyish feathery leaves on spindly untidy stems. Pick a leaf or two, crush them between your fingers and then smell the fragrance that comes off the leaves - sort of spicy and aromatic to the nose.

Wormwood grows to a height of between 1 to 2 metres.

Wilde-als has several medicinal properties and has been used to treat ear ache, fevers, worms and flu symptoms.

If you are sitting outside and need an insect repellent - rub a few Wilde-als leaves directly onto your exposed skin areas.

Plant it in the vegetable garden near cabbages as it deters the cabbage butterfly or even near your hen house as it will protect your poultry against lice.


Many thanks to Sue Oxborrow for preparing the interesting information.


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