“Every plant and animal teaches you something about how nature works” (Samir Randera-Rees, creator of the nature life App, Whispers in the Wild).

Owl families have started nesting on some of our members’ properties, high up in roof ridges or tall trees near the house. Farmworkers believe that the owls bring bad luck, but they play an important role in our ecosystems, as they keep rodent populations down. We should protect them, and members are encouraged to install an owl box or two on their properties. In order to install your owl boxes, you will need:
A drill and a drill bit, 6 x 5” or 6” nails or screws per box, a tall ladder, and somebody who is not afraid of heights. You will need to drill holes in the top and bottom of the spine (three at the top, and three at the bottom). You then shimmy up a tree and screw or nail the box to the tree, ideally at a height of 5-7m, but no lower (although the box can go higher). The type of tree is not tremendously important. What is more important is that you install the box high enough. The owl boxes do not need to be direction specific. You can install them facing in any direction. You should line your box with wood chips, shavings or pea gravel – or some similar material. Your owl box should be serviced every year in order to ensure its longevity and make it weather and bee resistant. If you are unable to service your boxes yourself, contact EcoSolutions on 072 365 9777 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.