Venues in our region have recently been featured in several travel blogs.

Shelter Rock Adventures: This beautiful resort with its hiking trails on the slopes of the Magaliesberg is the property of two of our members, Johann en Corry Botha. It received a feather in the cap from two visitors in the Getaways Reviews of 21 August 2016. Since they had moved to Hartbeespoort a few months ago, the surrounding mountains had been calling them to go and explore, especially the Magaliesberg, with a length of approximately 196km: They wrote: “Our morning alarm clocks went off. It was a Saturday. But we didn’t mind. We were going hiking. Once on top of the mountain, we really felt as if we were on top of the world. It was a day out in the great outdoors and was good for the soul. This is why we didn’t mind our alarm clocks waking us up early that morning”. They experienced the hike as really good, and one that can be done in a morning (before it gets too hot). It was challenging enough to make them feel they had achieved something that morning, but gentle enough to make it a very enjoyable day outing: “The hike takes about four hours to complete, but that is an estimation depending on your walking mood and the time you decide to invest in admiring the proteas, trees, birds and views along the way. These all deserve appreciation”. (Photo provided by Corry Botha).
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A visit to Shelter Rock was also broadcast on the Vrydag 4-uur programme on Kyknet Channel 147 on 26 August 2016. The photography was excellent, especially when the presenters climbed up the mountain with the only Via Ferrata (iron way) in Africa. The two presenters of these programmes usually feel the urge to get out of town on a Friday afternoon, then pack their Combi and travel to an interesting place, where they participate in the activities on offer.

Another feather in the cap for the There’s a River on my Stoep guest house:


Feather in the cap for Rustig and The Farmhouse: On 20 May 2016, The Naked Barista wrote that he and his partner usually work over weekends, but on one of their rare free weekends, they decided to spoil themselves with a weekend in the Magaliesberg area. They enjoyed taking a hike along one of the three hiking trails of the wellknown, historical Rustig (property of one of our members, Johan Oosthuizen of Oostermoed): “The hike into the mountains and the views of the farm were breathtakingly beautiful, and we spent a delightful three hours walking”. (Photo of the old farmhouse, dating back to 1930, provided by Rustig staff).


They had booked overnight accommodation in the quaint thatched roof guest house, The Farmhouse, property of two of our members, Wayne en Jenny Forster: “On our way, we opened the car windows, and the country smells streaming in were calm inducing. As we drove through the gate, a peaceful feeling settled in us. We started a fire in the fireplace outside under the vast variety of exquisite trees. The moon started showing her beautiful face. Without any visible city lights around, the magical starry skies were a stunning sight to behold. The next morning when we opened the sliding door, our senses were pleasured by a scenic splendour, musical birdsong and fresh farm smells”.
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