An interesting look at a duck farm in South Africa that has a very special purpose: Duck farmer Denzel Metthys manages over 1 000 Indian Runner ducks which are used as a natural form of pest control on the Vergenoegd Winery.

These ducks are absolutely brilliant! Each day, the “Quack Squad” parades in front of the farm house on their way to the fields where they eat their fill of snails, helping to keep the vineyard healthy.

Did you know? Geese are not only excellent “guard dogs”, they will also keep your flower beds free of weeds. On our farm, they do not damage or eat the Barberton daisies or arum lily plants – they carefully pull out the weeds from among the plants. One shouldn’t let them lose in one’s vegetable beds though – they love spinach, cucumbers and lettuce!

A duck story: A duck in a bar kept on asking for peanuts. In the end, the barman became outraged and barked: “No, we don’t have any. If you ask for peanuts again, I’ll nail you to the counter”. The duck took a few sips of beer and then asked: “Do you have nails?” “No, we don’t have,” said the barman. “Nothing?” asked the duck. “So then, do you have any peanuts?” (Pollux, Rapport, 2 October 2016).