Faces tell a story, sit less often, potassium-rich food helps against hypertension, the Prague Zoo innovation, primeval parasite and death on presription. 

Physiognomy: Faces tell stories, and each wrinkle has a meaning. Physiognomy (the science of facial analysis) is used increasingly to analyse people’s personalities (Vrouekeur, 28 March 2014).

Be seated less often: A lower risk of heart failure is not only linked to regular exercise but also to less sitting. This is the conclusion of a team of researchers from the Kaiser Permanente-medical centre in Pasadena, California, after having studied health data of 84 000 males over a period of eight years. Even men who exercise regularly but are seated most of the time, had a bigger chance of suffering from heart failure (when the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood and oxygen to the body organs). (Source: Medical News Today, March 2014).

According to research by American psychologist, dr Howard Fredman, the secret of a long life has nothing to do with happiness or less tension. People who plan well and live a moderate and self-controlled life, live longer (Vrouekeur, 9 May 2014).

Healthy fruit: People whose diet is rich in potassium are less likely to suffer from hypertension. Together with other healthy habits like less salt in your diet, potassium-rich fruit such as bananas, melon and oranges, will help control blood pressure. These fruits are rich in mono unsaturated fat and vitamin E, which both promote healthy skin. (Source: Whole Living, August 2014).

One should be careful to not get stung by bees too often, not only because it is very painful, but also because the poison is highly toxic and stays in your body. A beekeeper’s family members can develop allergic reactions to bee poison, even if they don’t physically get stung by bees (Gauteng Smallholder, June 2015).

The Prague zoo in the Czech Republic has a new £66 000 attraction – a facility that allows visitors to make paper from recycled elephant droppings (Scottish Weekly, August 2015).

Primeval parasite: Researchers have come across the oldest bilharzia parasite egg in a 6 200 year old grave site near the Euphrates River in Syria. Bilharzia is caused by parasitic flatworms that are found in specific freshwater snail species. It can cause kidney failure, anaemia and cancer of the bladder in people (Vrouekeur, 29 August 2014).

Death on prescription: Prescribed pain medication connects with brain receptors to decrease the perception of pain. It can also create an euphoric feeling that can cause addiction. Researchers from the McGill University in Canada did some further research into existing research and found that death as a result of prescribed medication had increased to such an extent that it has overtaken death as a result of heroin and cocaine abuse. In 2010, prescribed medication caused 16 000 deaths in the USA alone. Because people abuse medication to experience the resulting euphoric feeling, their breathing decreases so much that they stop breathing. (Source: Medical News Today, August 2014).