February 2017: This year, February will have four of each day (Monday to Sunday). This happens only once every 823 years! (Anonymous source).

Rabbits vs hares: Many people don’t know the difference between rabbits and hares. So, is your pet a rabbit or a hare? The difference between rabbits and hares appears the moment they are born. Baby rabbits are called kittens, while baby hares are called leverets. Rabbits are born completely helpless, naked and blind. Hares are born fully furred, able to see and capable of independent movement. They are bigger and swifter than rabbits, and have longer ears and hind legs. Rabbits usually live in burrows or tunnels in the ground, where they prefer to stay during daylight hours. Hares always stay on the surface among plants und usually try to escape enemies by running. Rabbits’ fur coats remain the same colour year round, while hares’ fur colour changes during the year. Rabbits and hares have different diets. Rabbits prefer soft stems, grass or vegetables, while hares eat ‘harder’ food, such as bark and rind, buds, small twigs and shoots. A hare is a wild animal, while rabbits are domesticated and are grown as pets. So, there you have it – your pet is a rabbit! (Gauteng Smallholder Dec 2016/Jan 2017).

Singing in the shower: 86% of all people sing in the shower. So says cosmetic house, Veet. And 48% of these singing nightingales believe that this not only makes them more cheerful; it also makes them look forward to the day ahead (Finesse, May 2010).