We should all save water – it is our duty! Below are some handy tips for saving water. You may think that you’ve heard about these tips over and over again, but maybe we just need a little reminder.

Monitor your usage. A family of four can easily use less than 25Kl per month.
Repair water leaks. During the drought it is easy to see patches of green grass where water may be leaking underground.
Use a water saving shower head – less than R100 from most hardware stores. Shorten your shower by a minute or two and turn the flow rate down.
If you are replacing household appliances, look for ones that save electricity and water. Before running washing machines and dish washers, fill them up. You can collect the used washing machine/bath/shower water in a bucket and water your garden with it.
Turn the tap off when you aren’t using water while brushing teeth or washing hands. Liquid hand soaps also use less water than bar soaps.
Use a broom instead of a hose pipe for cleaning driveways and paths. Wash your car less often and use a bucket.
Drinking water actually saves water. Most cold drinks and other beverages use many litres of water to produce just one bottle or can. Bottled water is a waste when you are at home. Consider installing a water filtration system, but avoid reverse osmosis systems, as they waste a lot of water.
Keep a bucket at hand in the bathroom and kitchen. While you are running hot water and waiting for it to heat up, collect the water and re-use it. You can also use bath or shower water to flush toilets.
Collecting rain water can be simple and cost effective, using a dustbin and plumbing fittings. Plans are freely available on the Internet, or ask your local hardware store for some advice. (Chat Newsletter, Watersaving Edition, 2016-11-07).